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IDM: Inkjet Droplet Measurement
Droplet size and velocity spray distribution measurements

Inkjet Droplet Measurement System
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Artium has been providing instruments for the development of inkjet printer technology for over two decades beginning with delivery of instruments to IBM and Hewlett Packard. The phase Doppler technology, which is the basis of these instruments, was invented by the President and CEO of Artium. We have continued development with funding from NASA and the U.S. Army. The method has proven to be ideal for inkjet printer development.


Our Inkjet Droplet Measurement (IDM) instruments measure droplet size, velocity, and angle of trajectory simultaneously in real-time. Measurements are easily performed in situ and non-intrusively without interfering with the droplet stream. The TK line of IDM instruments are very easy to use and have a very long lifetime. The instruments measure at rates of 10,000 droplets per second (or greater) while continuously scanning large arrays of inkjet droplet streams.

Over the few past decades, the instrument has been thoroughly evaluated for inkjet spray applications and with proven high resolution, accuracy and reliability. Currently, we are supplying instruments for development and quality control applications to a major supplier of OLED display fabrication systems.

PDI Theory of Operation

Why Analyze Droplets In-Situ?

Nozzle consistency: Some inkjet heads feature individually addressable nozzles. In-situ drop analysis can be used to optimize individual nozzle voltages for highly consistent performance across the head.

Wetting problem identification: High magnification cameras identify wetting problems in early stages of development.

Drop characteristic verification: For many applications, a particular drop volume of velocity is required. Jetting parameters and ink formulations may be adjusted until in-situ analysis determines that the desired characteristics have been achieved.

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Measurements of inkjet droplet size, velocity, and angle of trajectory, W.D. Bachalo, Inkjet Printing in Industry, August 2022 Release

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