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PDI: Phase Doppler Interferometer
Droplet size and velocity measurements

3D-PDI System
PDI Components
Theory of Operation
Advantages of the PDI Method
for Particle Sizing
Competitive Advantages
Comparison of the PDI and intensity-based light scattering particle sizing methods
Product Brochure
Research Papers
Signal Processing

Phase Doppler Interferometer – Modular
Simultaneous measurement of individual droplet size and
 1, 2, or 3 velocity components in a poly-disperse environment.
Spray angle, sheet thickness, droplet temperatures.

Spray Characterization Applications

Advanced energy conversion systems:

  • turbulence

  • droplet formation

  • droplet collision

  • droplet evaporation

  • combustion

  • soot generation

Industrial, medical and agricultural:

  • coating

  • cooling

  • painting

  • scrubbing

  • crop pesticides

  • ink jet printing

  • medical inhalers

  • nebulizers

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