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LDV: Laser Doppler Velocimeter
Particle velocity and turbulence measurements

LDV Component
LDV laser array

Laser Doppler Velocimeter
Particle Velocity and Turbulence Measurements
Real-time, non-intrusive measurement of individual particle velocity and turbulence measurement (1 or 2 velocity components) in a variety of flow applications. 
An optional 1-D transceiver can be used along with the 2-D transceiver for the simultaneous measurement of 3-components of velocity.

Overview, System Components
Theory of Operation
Research Papers
LDV Product Brochure
Compact LDV Product Brochure
Signal Processing

Flow Characterization Applications

  • Aircraft design

  • Automobile design

  • Fluid dynamics research

  • Hydrodynamics research and testing

  • Low noise propeller and fan design

  • Predicting the dispersion of air pollutants

  • Study of complex weather patterns

  • Detailed temporal and spatial experimental characterization of complex flow fields

LDV Components
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