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Particle-i Imaging Flight Probes
for cloud research

PI-IC: Ice Crystals

Particle Imaging System

PI-PTV: Particle Tracking

PI Wing Flight Probe

Examples of PI-FP Images

Ice crystals

Artificially generated ice crystals

Ice crystals
Ice crystals

Enlarged view showing pixel-limited resolution

Artium Technologies has developed advanced particle imaging probes for cloud measurements in a wide range of other particle characterization applications. Our particle imaging flight probes (PI-FP) have been thoroughly tested in the NASA icing research Tunnel (IRT) and have been demonstrated to provide reliable measurements of both liquid droplets, mixed phase conditions and ice crystals. Our instruments of also being installed on aircraft and have been flown in cloud characterization campaigns.

These instruments feature state-of-the-art high-resolution CMOS cameras with up to 5.6 Mbytes with 1.27 µm/pixel resolution. Highly uniform homogeneous illumination is provided with high intensity in LEDs with pulse durations a short as 30 ns. Instruments are provided with heaters and ensure proper operation of the CMOS camera and to eliminate icing on the probe. The interior conditions of the probe in terms of temperature, humidity, and pressure are monitored. Click here for specifications.

Artium’s AIMS software is an easy-to-use platform that acquires images, identifies whether they are in or out of focus, measures their size, shape, and numerous other particle morphology parameters. A highly efficient image acquisition and storage approach is used to allow measurements over extensive flight time without overloading the instrument storage capability. Multicore computers are used to provide near real-time observation of the particle field measurements.

Ice tunnel testing

Development supported by NASA Glenn Research Center, the U.S. Air Force​, and the U.S. Army

raw image.png

Raw images obtained from the camera

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