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AIMS: Artium Integrated Management System Software

The Artium Integrated Management System Software (AIMS) is a single software package used to control and analyze results for most Artium products (LDVPDIPDI-TKPDI FPDRPI). AIMS software controls all aspects of the instrument setup and operation. It can run either on Windows (2000/XP) or LINUX (2.4 kernel) operating systems. The system software is designed around a client/server model that allows remote operation via the intranet or the Internet and is multi-user accessible. Dedicated algorithms are included for automated setup of the instrument functions and online adjustment to the prevailing measurement conditions. An external input feature allows tagging of the LII signals with external events such as engine RPM or throttle. The software has the capability of accepting, processing, displaying, and storing data for extended periods of time without interruption. During long acquisition periods, the data can be broken into multiple files for greater manageability. The data analysis and display are easily extensible and may be modified as needed. The data can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel for analysis and plotting.

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