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Invented by Artium scientists

  Patent No.             Date                                                                         Title

US11300492B2         04/12/2022         Multiple Beam and Convergent Light Illumination Crossed - Beam Imaging

US11131627B2         09/28/2021         Fuel Contamination Monitor

US11029241B2         06/08/2021         Enhanced Detection Through Parsing Records into Signal Components


US10705001B2         07/07/2020         Particle Field Imaging and Characterization Using VCSEL Lasers for Convergent Multi-Beam Illumination


US10578538B2         03/03/2020         Multiple Beam and Convergent Light Illumination Crossed-Beam Imaging

US9390070B2           07/12/2016         Automatic Set-Up for Instrument Functions


US8525093B2           09/03/2013         Automatic Set-Up for Instrument Functions


US7788067B2           08/31/2010         Means and Methods for Signal Validation for Sizing Spherical Objects


US7564564B2           07/21/2009         Automatic Setup for Instrument Functions


US7252987B2           08/07/2007         System for Analysis and Selection of Encapsulated Cellular Materials


US7126694B1           10/24/2006         Compact Apparatus Providing Multidimensional Characterization of Spherical Objects

                                                                  Using Coherent Light


US5808895A             09/15/1998          Method and Apparatus for Low Signal to Noise Ratio Instantaneous Phase Measurement


US5547327A             08/20/1996          A Method and Apparatus for Continuously Determining the Inclination and Draft of a Waterborne

                                                                  Floating Vessel to Enable Automatic Loading of the Vessel


CA2156892A1           02/26/1996          Method and Apparatus for Precipitation Detection and Differentiation

US5293162A             03/08/1994          Laser Based Tracking Device for Detecting the Distance Between a Vehicle and a Roadway Marker

US5289391A             02/22/1994          Method and Apparatus for Optimum Signal Burst Detection


US4986659A             01/22/1991          Method for Measuring the Size and Velocity of Spherical Particles using the Phase and Intensity

                                                                  of the Scattered Light

EP0737854B1           02/10/1990          Method and Apparatus for Measuring the Change in Cross-section of a Sample Volume Defined

                                                                  by Two Crossed Laser Beams

US4854705A             08/08/1989          Method and Apparatus to Determine the Size and Velocity of Particles Using Light Scatter Detection

                                                                  from Confocal Beams

US4540283A             09/10/1985          Apparatus and Method for Determining the Size and Velocity of Particles, Droplets, Bubbles

                                                                  or the Like using Laser Light Scattering

US4329054A             05/11/1982          Apparatus for Sizing Particles, Droplets or the Like with Laser Scattering

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