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PDI Probes: TK Series
Droplet size and velocity measurements

TK Droplet Measurement System


The Turnkey PDIs offer permanent alignment and are ready to acquire data right out of the box. The optical heads are sealed and rated IP66 for spray ingress protection. These instruments are designed to be placed directly into a spray with optional purge-air hoods to prevent window fouling and are lightweight enough to easily traverse.

Turnkey PDI instruments utilize the same Advanced Signal Analyzer (ASA) processor and Artium Instrumentation Management System (AIMS) software as Artium’s research-grade Modular PDI systems. This allows Turnkey users access to the powerful processor automation capabilities, data processing, and export capabilities of AIMS. The Turnkey system makes an ideal easy-to-use PDI but may also be used to enhance the measurement capabilities and flexibility of other Artium PDI systems.

The Turnkey line offers two body styles with differing working distances. Both body styles are available in three fixed measurement ranges.


Multiple optical heads may be interchanged to optimize instrument sensitivity and diameter size range.

TK Specifications
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