Particle-i Imaging Flight Probes
for cloud research

PI Wing Flight Probe

Development supported by NASA Glenn Research Center, the U.S. Air Force​, and the U.S. Army

Artium has developed state-of-the art high resolution particle imaging flight probes (PI-FP) for general cloud studies from aircraft, drones, tethered balloons, and remote mountain top locations

  • Instruments have been tested in NASA facilities and in the McKinley Climatic Lab

  • Instruments are also available in PMS canister configurations for replacement of outdated imaging systems

  • Instruments can be easily customized to address most particle field measurement conditions


  • High resolution CMOS cameras

  • Patented multi-beam VCSEL or LED illumination

  • Relatively compact and light weight

  • Heated to allow operation in very cold environments (-50C)

  • Aerodynamic shape to reduce drag and flow instability

  • Minimal flow disturbance at measurement volume

  • Configuration flight tested in NASA Icing Research Tunnel

PI Technical Specifications
PI Multi-beam illumination
PI Calibration
Particle validation and depth of field correction
raw image.png

Raw images obtained from the camera